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Franchising in Health Care – 2012 Conference from FaegreBD Productions on Vimeo.

Biggest Loser Doctor, Joanna Dolgoff, Headlines Health Care Franchising Conference

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Dr. Dolgoff

Dr. Dolgoff

DENVER (April 23, 2013) – Pediatrician and CHILD NUTRITION/WEIGHT LOSS EXPERT, Joanna Dolgoff, M.D., will be a keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Franchising and Health Care Conference, Oct. 2-3, 2013, in Chicago. Dr. Dolgoff will discuss methods for medically-based businesses to employ the media as a marketing asset for business growth.

Dr. Dolgoff is the official Pediatrician and Child Obesity Specialist for NBC’s current season of “The Biggest Loser.” She is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, and author/creator of the childhood obesity program, Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right, which has been featured on most major news outlets, including CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, and The New York Times, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Early Show, Fox and Friends and many more.

“My passion is keeping children healthy and I believe we have to continually create new ways to effectively reach children,” Dolgoff stated. “As medical professionals, we need to develop new business models to reach more people more effectively. This conference is about exploring those business models and expanding access to healthcare. I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

The 2013 Franchising and Health Care Conference is titled “The Great Debate: Discovering Differences and Aligning Best Practices in the Business of Medicine”. The conference is hosted by Faegre Baker Daniels (, Management 2000 ( and Weise Communications, Inc., (

Tracy Weise featured in The Review, “2013 Health Care Advertising: Looking for Answers”

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With the future of health care evolving, consumer behavior and attitudes must be examined. Weise Communications Co-founder and President Tracy Weise offers her top five suggestions for health care advertising and consumer engagement for 2013.

  1. Create Medical Communities through Social Media
    Hospitals and health care systems can optimize outreach to educate consumers by moving beyond corporate websites and creating a strong social media presence via social media sites, blogs, referrals and webinars.
  2. Increase Engagement with Mobile Media
    As more consumers utilize their smart phones and tablets for Web browsing, medical apps will allow consumers to order medication, set appointments, learn about health initiatives and obtain the contact information of health care institutions.
  3. Take a Broad Approach to Community Wellness
    Online and offline advertising communication messages featuring, “well care” not just “sick care” will motivate consumers to take control of their own health in order to decrease hospital readmissions.
  4. Be Keenly Aware of the Competition
    In order to prevent patients from traveling far and wide seeking optimal doctors and ideal medical costs, health care advertising can lesson competition for the health care consumer by creating specific and consistent messages to target audiences.
  5. Show Sensitivity for Consumer Anxiety Through Proactive, Targeted Communications
    Health care institutions can ease consumer fears of the changing health marketplace by emphasizing positive messages about health care changes, providing dedication to community health, and advocating for the most profitable health care institutional services.

To read the entire article, originally posted in the February issue of The Review, click here.

The following was originally posted on by a sponsor of the conference, Weise Communications.

Call for Presentations for 2013 Franchising in Health Care Conference

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Proposals for presentations are now being accepted for the 2013 Franchising in Health Care Conference, to be held October 2-3 in Chicago, Illinois. This year’s theme is The Great Debate: Discovering Differences, Aligning Best Practices. Conference organizers welcome presentations that explore best practices that can be implemented across franchises, corporate-owned multi-units and managed health care systems. Senior health care leaders in franchising, multi-unit health care companies, and organizations providing management services to health care providers, as well as experts in the field supporting multi-unit health care organization (including, but not limited to, technology providers, marketing support, legal, consulting, construction, supply chain, product manufacturers and distributors) are invited to submit presentation proposals.

Presentation criteria and submission guidelines can be found here.

Submission deadline: March 25, 2013

Save the Date: 3rd Annual Franchising in Health Care Conference October 2-3 in Chicago, Illinois

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Faegre Baker Daniels, Management 2000 and Weise Communications are pleased to host the 2013 Franchising in Health Care Conference, October 2-3, 2013, in Chicago, Illinois.

The theme for this year’s conference is The Great Debate: Discovering Differences, Aligning Best Practices. We will evaluate the differences and similarities between three distinct business models: franchising/licensing, corporate owned multi-units and managed health care systems. Throughout the conference we will determine how best practices can be implemented across the three business structures.

We invite you to browse this website for information about the conference, including speaker biographies, breakout sessions, registration information and more. We will continue to post industry and event related information on this blog, so check back often or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Franchise Times Features Health Care Franchises in their “20 to Watch” Series

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Franchise Times asked Kevin Hein to weigh on the future of health care franchises in 2013 in their series on 20 notable people, trends, companies and issues that will be making headlines in 2013 in the franchise market. Hein notes that franchising in the healthcare industry is expected to be brisk, but regulations in this specific industry can make things complicated for aspiring franchisors. “There’s a lot of growing pains in the area just because it’s so heavily regulated and it isn’t quite as easy as it is to franchise a hamburger or a dry cleaning concept,” he explained.

Regarding Obamacare, he expects brand-building opportunities in the health care sector, “You’ll find people shop for medical care for the long term like they shop for everything else: They’ll find a brand they trust and stay with it. And what’s good about franchising is it’s really good at building a brand.”

NYT: New Style of Health Care Emerges to Fill Hospital’s Void

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Scott D. Hillstrom, J.D., is co-founder and Chairman of The HealthStore Foundation®. In his keynote presentation at our Franchising in Health Care Conference this month he will discuss the recent New York Times article “New Style of Health Care Emerges to Fill Hospital’s Void” and how the demise of St. Vincent’s Hospital is a perfect real time story that shows the healthcare industry is heading toward large scale retail franchising.

Sponsor Spotlight: F.C. Dadson

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We are pleased to announce F.C. Dadson as a 2012 Supporting Sponsor.

F.C. Dadson is a single-source provider of custom brand environments, kiosks, and retail merchandising units. The company offers design, construction management, fixtures, fulfillment, and installation services. We are a premier and trusted vendor for franchises and national chains including retail, salons, spas, restaurants, education, health care, and more. F.C. Dadson helps franchises save money, maintain their brand, and get their locations open and running faster with our turnkey build-out program. We are well versed in franchising and understand the unique relationship between franchisors and franchisees. Our expertise provides you with an effective build-out that ensures consistency and brand integrity. Our fast track development program combines personalized, hands-on service with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to get your locations open and running faster, while always keeping an eye on value for you. Finally, when we say “turnkey” we mean it. Beginning with design and space planning; moving into engineering, manufacturing, equipment fulfillment, and construction management; and finishing with logistics and nationwide installation, our experienced project management team gets you through the process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our program is designed to use as a whole or just what is needed. With over 35 years in the business, let us show you what are experience can do for you. For more information, call Larry Myer, VP of Business Development at 1-800-728-0338 x110 or visit us at

Speaker and Sponsor Reception

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Yum!  Liqueur infused cupcakes and signature cocktail  for the speaker and sponsor receptionon on Oct 23. Thanks Yours Truly Cupcake!

Health Care and Franchising – A Growing Business Model

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The following was originally posted on by a sponsor of the conference, Weise Communications.

Health care in the United States continues to evolve. With changes forthcoming, and past obstacles still being overcome, health providers are looking for ways to provide better patient outcomes and manage a sustainable business model. However, these are irrelevant if there is no access to care. Coupled with one of the largest issues to come out of the 2011 Healthcare Franchising Conference is the fact that more doctors are retiring than ever before, leading to increased opportunities to deliver a number of health care services through the franchised business model.

In my opinion, franchising give us the access to care, provides quality assurance and creates a sustainable business model for the business owners and providers.

Franchising is at the cross roads of health care and business.

Franchising has successfully evolved thousands of from thriving local businesses into iconic household names. Think: McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, Dunkin’ Donuts. The food industry possessed the beginning of the franchise era however, over the years franchising has branched out to include product distribution and services:  The UPS Store, Fantastic Sam’s, Curves. Today we are continuing this evolution. Everything we know about quality assurance, billing, marketing, and program development for franchising is being transferred into health care. It is time to put a greater focus on this transference of knowledge.

When we follow best practices in franchising we can deliver quality assurance to patients. We can provide practitioners – physicians, nurses, medical assistants and licensed practitioners in many fields, with the ability to focus on service delivery rather than business operations. We decrease costs for service delivery and expand access.

The senior care industry jumped into franchising with great force, and the opportunity can be traced to the aging population. According to A Profile of Older Americans: 2011 developed by the Administration on Aging (AoA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; By the year 2030, one in five Americans will be a “senior citizen.” From 2010 to 2030, the number of baby boomers age 65-84 will grow by an estimated 80 percent while the population age 85 and older will grow by 48 percent. In addition, between 1994 and 2020 the nation’s population of 85 years and older is projected to double to 7 million, and then is projected to increase to 19 – 27 million by 2050. With the number of prospective clients growing exponentially, the franchise home health care/senior care industry is booming and will likely continue to grow.

Other health industries such as emergency care, dental services, chiropractic care, primary care, mental health companies, drug testing business and surgical centers are all growing in prominence in franchising. In essence, any effective healthcare business can replicate its model and begin franchising.

The health care franchising industry is growing, but not fast enough. I do not believe we can or should solely rely on the federal government to provide us access to affordable health care. We are a country full of the entrepreneurial spirit and we house some of the best health care providers in the world. When you combine these traits, we have the opportunity to develop great health care franchises that will solve many of our cost and access issues. These solutions are right at our fingertips.

Weise Communications, along with Faegre Baker Daniels and Management 2000 will sponsor the second annual Franchising in Health Care Conference, October 24 – 25, 2012, in Denver Colorado. At this conference we will cover challenges unique to this industry, including compliance and regulatory issues when across state lines. If you are interested in attending this conference visit our conference site for more information.  Hurry, the Early Bird pricing ends September 15, 2012.

For more information about how Weise Communications can help your health care company franchise, contact me at