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Growth of Home Health Care Leads to Opportunities for Franchisors

December 13, 2011  |  Industry, Media

Highlighted at the 2011 Health Care in Franchising Conference in Minneapolis, Minn., was the fact that health care regulations continue to evolve, health care costs continue to rise and a broader delivery of health care for seniors is necessary. Due to this environment, franchising has become a desirable option for broad spectrum of health services and an opportunity for individuals to get into the business of health care. While these opportunities grow, conference organizers continue to express a need for caution in making the right decisions in legal, marketing, financial and operations. Layering the complex worlds of health care and franchising has great potential, when the right decisions are made.

Fox Business recently published a report in its Small Business Center describing the growth of home health care/senior care franchises. The article, “Home Health Care Franchises on the Rise as Boomers Age, Costs Rise,”¬†effectively describes the need for franchising in this industry.¬†If you are interested in learning more about health care and franchising, be sure to subscribe to our feed or check back for more updates and announcements related to our 2012 Franchising in Health Care Conference.

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